The area is characterised by different climatic and microclimatic conditions due to geographic location, length, direction and relief of the massif. It can be said in general that Velebit’s climate is harsh, especially in its higher parts but the climate of its coastal slope, mountain and foothill parts and inland slopes differs significantly. Velebit is characterised by large average annual precipitation which in some parts (higher locations at the southeast part) can reach 4000 mm. Worthy of mention is the inevitable snow cover which remains in some areas for more than seven months and somewhere never melts (snow caves). The entire massif, and especially passes, is characterised by frequent winds blowing from different directions (most frequently eastern winds). In general, there is a large number of windy days and gale-force winds (e.g. bora) are no rarity. The highest parts of Velebit also have a large number of foggy days (e.g. Zavižan even 187 days a year).