Árpád von Degen

(1866 ‒ 1934), a famous Hungarian botanist, a professor of botany at the Budapest University and a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
He explored the Velebit flora from 1894 to 1913 whereby he discovered and described new species and subspecies. Together with his associates he discovered in 1905 an endemic species Croatian sibirea and in 1907 endemic cruciferous plant named after him Degenia velebitica. He published the results of his researches in numerous scientific papers. Especially important is his fundamental work “Flora velebitica” published posthumously in German by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Its four volumes contain the list of plants found until then in the area of Velebit, Senjsko Bilo and Gola Plješivica with data on their distribution and physical features of the Velebit mountain range which is of a phytogeographic importance.

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