There are twelve bicycling trails in the Velebit Nature Park, and some of them can also be combined. All of them are very attractive, since the ride allows cyclists to experience the forest, the mountain, and karst phenomena of Velebit and the sea. Prior cycling experience is recommended. There are no available bicycle rental opportunities, and visitors are advised to check the recommended time of year for cycling.

Krasno trail 1

From its starting point, the trail takes us along the main road in the direction of Senj, passing through the hamlet of Glavaši and continuing along that road in easy ascent, until we reach the branch leading towards the pilgrimage site of Our Lady of Krasno, at Plasa. This branch is a mildly ascending gravel road in good condition, 5 kilometers long. It partly passes through deciduous and coniferous forest, and partly offers a magnificent view of Krasno and the surrounding towering peaks. Prior to reaching the Church of Our Lady of Krasno, asphalt section begins again, and, from that point onwards, the trail descends along hairpin bends to the hamlet of Devčići located on the main road.

Once at the pilgrimage site, we recommend you to visit the Church of Our Lady of Krasno, dating from the 17th century. If you turn right at the church and proceed towards the motel, you will see a wonderful vista of Krasno and parts of the valleys of Gacko polje and Ličko polje. In good weather, peaks of the southern part of Velebit and the mountain of Plješevica are visible too.
At Devčići, the trail turns right and proceeds along the main road to the hamlet of Krčić. Once there, we turn right again to a local asphalt road taking us through the hamlets of Dujmišići and Polje, where we reconnect with the main road, returning back to the starting point. 
At Dujmišići, we can see old water cisterns made of chiseled stone in diverse shapes, and frequently adorned with grljci – openings carved out of a single block of stone. You can quench your thirst there, and hear about the history of the site from hospitable locals. 
At Polje, we can also visit the parish church of St. Anthony and the Forestry Museum – the only such museum in Croatia.

Trail length: 14 km

Elevation difference: 250 m

Recommended time of year for visit: May to October

Bicycle rental possibilities: Not available

Trail type: Gravel 35%, asphalt 65%

Krasno trail 2
Krasno trail 3
Krasno trail 4
Senj - Oltari
Sv. Juraj – Oltari
Vratnik – Oltari
Oltari – Duliba – Krasno
Oltari – Zavižan – Lom – Lubenovac – Alan
Brušane – Rizvanuša – Brušane (central Velebit)
Baške Oštarije – Stupačinovo – Prpići (srednji Velebit)
Trail Južni Velebit