Cerovac caves

Cerovac Caves will be closed for visitors untill further notice due to the implementation of the project “Center of excellence Cerovac Caves – sustainable management of natural heritage and karst underground”.

Cerovac Caves, located in the south part of the Velebit Nature Park, are one of the best known and most important speleological features in Croatia.

The complex is comprised of three caves (Lower, Middle and Upper Cave) containing a total of 7 kilometres of explored passages. Available for visitors are the first 700 meters of Lower and Upper Caves.

Cerovac Caves abound in finds from the ancient past. In addition to being an important archaeological locality, the caves are also one of the largest cave bear sites in Croatia where you can see animal markings on rocks which were created by bears rubbing against cave walls.

The constant dripping of water continues the thousand-year old process of creating flowstones. It is therefore vital to treat the cave with respect and not to touch its ornaments because just a single careless move can put an end to a process that has been going on for decades.

The caves can be visited in the period between April and November with prior announcement for group visits, but also during winter in the case of groups with more than 15 persons. Temperature in the caves ranges between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius so warmer clothes, head cover and comfortable shoes are recommended.

How to reach the caves:

Cerovac caves are located 4 km from Gračac along the road towards Knin. If you intend to take the motorway, take the exit to Sveti Rok. The distance between Sveti Rok and Gračac is 25 km.